Vaporizers for Everyone and Every Budget

This post contains affiliate links that help to support the blog. All opinions expressed are my own. For more details regarding our affiliate or sponsorship agreements, please e-mail us at

This post contains affiliate links that help to support the blog. All opinions expressed are my own. For more details regarding our affiliate or sponsorship agreements, please e-mail us at

Vaporization is the future of cannabis consumption.

Vaporization is the process of heating cannabis flower (or concentrates, for those who have access) to a temperature that is high enough to release the desired cannabinoids and terpenes, without causing combustion of the plant material. This allows for a safer and more gentle way of inhaling cannabis without the risks associated with combustion. Besides wanting to avoid the carcinogens in smoke, many people with reasons to have otherwise avoided smoking cannabis in the past (asthma, for example) now have an incredibly low-risk (comparatively) alternative available to them. However, the number of options at this point can be pretty overwhelming when you don’t know what you need. So, keep reading to get my personalized suggestions, and find the perfect vaporizer unit for your individualized needs (and individualized budget!)

For the beginner:


Sleek, lightweight, and affordable, this convection vaporizer is a great starter piece. Occasional or new users of dry herb vapes will appreciate the temperature options (low, medium, and high) and simple controls, as well as the portability. This was my very first vaporizer unit, and it served me well for years as a stealthy way of keeping medicated while on the go.


Capable of holding a generous amount of cannabis (in either dry herb or concentrate forms!) this is the perfect vaporizer for someone who is new to vapor, but not so new to cannabis. The impressive 2.5 hour battery life and auto-shutdown feature make this my vaporizer of choice for long road trips and full days away from wall outlets. The LED screen allows you to manage your temperature perfectly, and won’t leave you surprised when the charge is low. The glass mouthpiece allows for a smooth experience, but can be replaced with a silicone attachment if you tend to drop things like I do.


Storz & Bickel are known for their high quality products, like the Volcano desktop vaporizer, and The Mighty portable vaporizer. The Crafty is their product for the casual consumer market, but it has all the qualities we have come to expect from the German brand. Dry herbs and liquid concentrates alike are vaporized by the combined convection-conduction heating system, and a fancy Bluetooth app will even tell you when it is ready to use by sending a message to your phone.

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For the experienced:


Exclusively made to vaporize dried cannabis flower, this palm-sized unit is the perfect marriage of versatility and portability. The sturdy body, adjustable temperature controls (from 300F to 435F), bright OLED screen, vibration notifications (fancy!), and surprisingly deep ceramic chamber are exactly the kind of specs a seasoned but budget conscious stoner dreams of! It even comes with two mouthpiece options (glass and flat) that ensure a pleasant experience for even the pickiest vape user.


Cloud chasers, rejoice! The Boundless CFX is basically the Canadian-built Mighty. The impressive battery power allows for quick heating that produces a dense and intense vapor. This unit has the power to give you 10-15 sessions (not hits, sessions) per 30-minute charge, making it a fantastic option for the all day, every day kind of stoner. It even comes with a wax tank, so you can make and vape your own concentrates!


This Storz & Bickel unit is not for the shy or reserved stoner, but it packs a punch like no other handheld vaporizer possibly can. While technically not portable (you have to plug it in to use) this is the handheld vape for stoners who are looking to get really, really medicated (or, in recreational situations/terms: f*cked up). The long coil provides sufficient cooling time, making it one of the smoothest hitting pieces you will ever hold. This is the device I would suggest to a bong user who’s looking to get healthier without sacrificing heavy hits.

For the medical patient:


While not a Health Canada approved medical device, this desktop unit is the right price for a patient without private insurance. With an interior made of strong, high quality glass, you can enjoy rich, toxin-free vapor using either the whip attachment or a bag kit. The stainless steel exterior means that it can handle a little (light!) jostling from being housed on a crowded desk top, and being manufactured at home in Canada means that the company offers a lifetime warranty on any defects associated with the heating element.


It feels like no list of quality vapes is ever complete without The Mighty by Storz & Bickel. The King of portable vaporizers, this unit is a worthwhile investment for any serious medical patient or daily vaper. The body is a little heavy compared to most portable models, but the sturdy and rigid build is what makes this a device that will actually last. Daily or even hourly use is not a problem for this truly mighty little machine.


The original desktop vape with easy to use, digital controls. This is, as the price would suggest, the absolute best desktop vaporizer that money can buy. For years prior to recreational legalization, this was the only device Health Canada had approved for medical cannabis use, and one session with this machine will have you understanding why. Smooth, thick vapor is produced using a patented technology of vaporizing process, allowing every hit to truly hit the right spot. Use with either the whip or bag attachment and prepare to have any doubts about vaping go up in smoke.

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